Why Sharing Really Is Caring [AD]

maltesers smash cake
This post is sponsored by the new Maltesers Smash Cake – and I REALLY didn’t want to share it…
maltesers smash cake

It was a hot, summer day, in July of 1995. I was 9 and wearing cycling shorts under my school summer dress even though it was 31 degrees. My friends and I were playing with our Pogs and I had just owned everyone with my metal, jagged slammer, when my friend Linda asked if she could use it for her turn.

Let’s just say she had to prize that bad boy out of my hands and I had to sit back and watch her win holographic Pog after holographic Pog with utter contempt.

Then it was Christmas, 1999. I was at Secondary School and had auditioned for the main role in our Christmas production of Sweeney Todd. My teacher’s told me it was between me and one other person and asked, how would we feel about sharing the role?

I told them ‘no’ and enjoyed a 2 week run as, ‘drunk person being sick off stage in bar scene number 3’.

October 2010, an adult now, finding myself at university and being presented with my absolute worst nightmare.

Group work.

I had ideas. I knew what would get the most marks. I wanted to do the things I wanted to do and I certainly didn’t want to share my 82% mark with absolute cretins who showed up in flip flops and stank of vodka (they were actually perfectly nice people).

Then suddenly it was May 2014, at a friend’s wedding when I truly realised how bad it had gotten.

The happy couple decided on, ‘tapas’ for the wedding breakfast. A word that usually brings me out in a cold sweat unless I’m dining with someone who ‘gets’ me (Ben, basically).

I remember looking feverishly at the plates as they were set down and calculating just how many pieces of chorizo in red wine each person should get and I almost broke my prosecco glass with a vice-like grip when some random friend of the groom took 4 pieces instead of my mentally allocated 3.

But I think you get the point… I hate sharing.

Or, I used to.

Maybe it’s a twin thing and 30 odd years of joint birthday presents and fighting over whose turn it is to play in the Barbie dream house, had totally done me in.

Like Joey with food, I could never share.

As I’ve grown older though, I’ve done plenty of self introspection. I’ve looked over (more like poured over and dissected, especially with a pal after 6 gin and Tesco fizzy peach waters) my foibles as a way to better understand myself. But more importantly, to grow.

And the first thing on my list to grow out of, was my inability to share.

When I first started blogging, I would curse someone to the high heavens if they did something even remotely similar to me. If I had an ounce of success with a post, you bet I was keeping my tactic a secret and if I suddenly got to work with THE BRAND OF DREAMS (Hi, Maltesers) then you can bet your ‘sharing platter’ that I was keeping all those details to myself.

Then something changed.

I started telling other bloggers about good PR companies to approach. Or I’d share a content trick I use to ensure the most amount of comments back. Amazingly, I didn’t die.

And even more amazingly, down the line, those same people would proverbially scratch my back too.

It was a lesson I needed to learn. That actually, sharing is a good thing. Especially when you find people who are as reciprocal as you so desperately need them to be, after all of those years of selfishness.

So here I am in 2019. With a group of women I met through an off-chance, ‘South West London Blogger Meet Up’ who brought pjs, snacks and a banging 90s Spotify playlist to my house, to spend an afternoon sharing.

Sharing stories of our lives, tips for our blogs and careers, advice on how not to let the haterz get to you and most importantly, some of the new Malteser’s Smash Cake.

The Vix of yonder-years would’ve counted each person’s Malteser allowance and would’ve told everyone the cake tasted disgusting just so that she could’ve kept it to herself.

But the Vix of 2019 let everyone get involved, and actually, felt so much better for sharing.

You can buy the Maltesers® Smash Cake, which is available from 28 January in Asda for an RRP £14 – and I strongly suggest you get the gals round for an evening of sharing. Like the Sex and The City gals but less about Carrie and Cosmos.

The malty sponge cake is filled with delicious chocolate icing and is covered by a chocolate dome that can be SMASHED to reveal a layer of icing topped with Maltesers balls. I honestly don’t know what the best bit was – smashing the dome, eating the icing covered Maltesers balls or the soft, light sponge – you’re going to have to test it out yourselves and let me know which bit you liked best!

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