Modern Dating Is Like A Full-Time Job: Here’s How To Get A Promotion

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The Sundays I once spent: hungover, bingeing 24, ordering the largest Dominos you’ve ever seen and endlessly scrolling through dating apps may be a thing of the past. However, the memory of the AMOUNT OF WORK that needs to be put in to be successful in dating still haunts me.

Everyone who has ever or is currently dating online will tell you that it is like a full-time job. The administrative task load of finding matches, sending messages, sifting through the potentials, synchronising calendars is a 9-5 WITHOUT even going on the actual date.

So here, from my lofty-loved-up perch, I’m going to fill you in on how you can ease the workload and career up the modern-dating ladder.

ADVERTORIAL: This post is written in promotion of the dating app, Tally who I am an ambassador for.

Be Ruthless

Yanno, sifting through hundreds of swipes on the more-well-known apps IS actually quite detrimental to your productivity. It’s likely you’ll be swayed by Sammy Six-Pack and spend far too long hovering on profiles that are just no good.

With Tally, you currently have a daily swipe limit which means you’ll never lose half your life having to skip past your old Maths teacher, your Mum’s married best friend and every other Tom, Dick, Harry, Chris, Brad, Max, Markus etc in your area.

This is also beneficial because it means that you can take your time to look through real profiles of real people and see if you could have a connection.

Get A Move On

There is NOTHING more frustrating than matching, sending a message and getting a response colder than the month of February. You see someone you like, you get excited when you’ve matched only to be disappointed that you never heard from them. This can stunt your productivity and leave you waiting around for days just in hope.

Tally is different. Oh you can still swipe to your heart’s content BUT once you’ve matched there’s a 48 hour window of opportunity to make that connection. This means none of your time is wasted wondering if you are ever going to get a first message or a reply.

No Time Wasted On Time-Wasters

ANYONE who has used a free dating app knows the perils of the fake profiles.

That guy with the bulging muscles, pictures of puppies, who LOVES looking after his Gran, chilling in the pub AND watches all of the TV shows you like… yeah he’s a bot.

The gal with the most amazing figure, winning smile, 4 PHDs and an in-depth knowledge of the offside rule… SHE A BOT TOO.

Rather than spending your good administrative energy wondering if you can figure out the algorithm (is it 1 in every 4 profiles or 5 that’s fake nowadays?), use an app where NONE of the users are fake and save yourself some precious time.

And how do we know that everyone you talk to, on Tally, is real? Well, their profiles have to be personally verified with a simple (and not easy to forge) selfie as part of the sign-up process.

Get Serious

Not serious as in, ‘I’m going to pay my life savings each month to only meet with Ians, 45s, who work in ITs’ kinda serious. But also more serious than the, ‘Booze, Banter, BEEFA’ that anyone who has ever internet-dated is far too well aware of.

Yes the free apps are tempting. We all want the ASOS splurges and the cocktails every Friday (and Wednesday and Thursday) night but if you’re serious about finding someone, you need to take dating seriously.

Tally offers a one-time sign up fee of (currently) £14.99 so you don’t have to sign your life away monthly. This also means that everyone who is on the app is serious about wanting to find a match. In turn this should eliminate those pesky time-wasters.

tally dating app

Navigating modern dating can be an onerous task with little rewards but if you sign up to Tally, not only are you joining my #TallyTribe, you are also joining a community where others who are serious about dating are signing up in droves because they want to put the fun back into online dating again. So what are you waiting for? Sign up here and then let me know ALL OF THE JUICY DETAILS in my comments, on Insta and Twitter.

ALSO YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY FOLLOW TALLY HERE, HERE AND HERE – they have great competitions and the funniest/cutest of love memes to keep you going when it really gets tough out there.

Have you downloaded Tally yet? Or would you recommend it to a friend?

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