I'm Vix Meldrew!

An award winning blogger, one-time award winning comedian and your blogging best bud.

If I'm not banging on about how I turned my blog into my full-time job, I'm at home devouring roast potatoes with gravy (my record is 20+ in one sitting) and reality TV boxsets. Come say Hi and find out more about me...

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Pinterest For Bloggers: Part Two (Podcast Episode)

Hello! I’d like to pretend that I’ve been away for a week and won the lottery or had some sort of mega exciting email but alas I’m still in the same pyjamas, on my second…
Sex & Relationships

Keeping The Love Alive On Valentine’s Day And Always [AD}

This post is sponsored by PLSRx who I’ve previously worked with before for giving you tips on how not to let technology ruin your sex lives… It’s that time of the year again. The soaps…

Finding Your People [AD]

This post is sponsored by Yes Studio Designs I don’t know about you, but I’ve never really been one to have, ‘a people’. You know the group you met in Primary school and bonded over…

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"I was stuck in a content rut and wondering why I wasn’t growing. Things had stagnated and I couldn’t see what I was doing wrong. I booked a session with Vix, which was initially immensely helpful in pinpointing what worked and what didn’t. She made valid points about hooking your audience, how to make your content valuable to your readers and not blur into the wider provision of everyone else’s content and social media posts. We came up with a strategy and instantly I felt invigorated, excited and inspired to push ahead with what we’d discussed. I gave my blog a makeover, switched up my content strategy and the momentum since my session with Vix hasn’t faltered. Since our session in November I’ve grown almost 15k on instagram, 6k on YouTube and I took away so many confidence boosting points! I feel like I have a clear focus and direction. Thank you, Vix! - Scarlett, Scarlett London"
"Meeting with Vix completely changed the way I viewed blogging. I felt like I had been let into a world I couldn’t quite access on my own. Within 10 minutes, I knew exactly where I was going wrong and it opened up so many questions about what I needed to do and how to make it happen. Vix already came with ideas about my brand and a great level of knowledge about who I was and what I wanted to achieve (without even talking to me about it). Within 6 weeks I have tripled my twitter followers, increased 10% on Instagram & my monthly views are continuing to grow on a week by week basis. I have a solid community I am beginning to network within and I feel much more confident in my blog and blogging in general. - Cara, Rainy Bay Blog"
"With her one to one weekly coaching Vix helped me shift my focus and set new personal goals for the direction of my blog. It has been invaluable to get her alternative, honest and impartial perspective which has helped me to be more consistent and creative with my content. - Jessica, Jessica KG"
"Vix has always been someone I’ve seen as having a brilliant understanding of what is needed in order to stand out in the crowded market of bloggers and vloggers. During our session she helped me to tweak my blog’s USP (unique selling point) so that it reflected the way I present myself online. She also helped me to brainstorm content ideas and during our session, the majority of which I wrote in the weeks following our meeting. Since then, my blog’s traffic has grown noticeably and I’ve felt more in tune, and passionate about, the content I am creating. My monthly unique users jumped from 1,500+ to 2,100+ and I’ve noticed I’m getting more comments and interaction overall, which has been amazing. - Albertine, Albertine Sarah"

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