Pitch To Vix!

As VixMeldrew.com continues to grow, I want to continually make relevant, relatable and real content for my readers but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to produce all types of content for all of my audiences – that’s where you come in!

Ideally I’d like this blog to have 1 or 2 new posts a day, but it’s just not manageable for me alone so if you’d like to continue the Vix voice by submitting content in one of my following categories – it would be amazing to have you on board!

The categories that you can pitch for are:


I want witty and relatable opinions on the News as it happens – from the Kardashians to the Kremlin (is that still a thing?).

Social Issues

Got something you want to discuss on politics, race, feminism or any other form of activism? I need you!

Mental Health

Your experiences and tips are valued and my readers would love to hear from people at all stages of their journeys.

Sex & Relationships

My readers LOVE hear about dating disasters and match up miracles but as I’m no longer on the scene, this is an area that has been neglected – you can help me revive it!


Are you an 80s, 90s or 00s baby who wants to share their memories of the best TV shows, films, music, fashion etc? I’d love this to become a fun section where we all reminisce over Saved By The Bell and scream TUUUUNE at Brandy.


Are you a vegan who has some killer recipes or can give tips on maintaining this lifestyle?


I want content about the latest releases, reviews on the best products – all from the POV of a late twenty-something/early-thirty-something person!


Same as beauty – can you show my readers (primarily 25-35 year old women) how to style the latest trends and what to buy on the high-street to update their wardrobes without looking like a 14 year old shop assistant in Missguided threw up on them?


Been anywhere amazing that you want to share? Or do you have any travel related tips? I’d love to share them!

If you think you’d like to contribute – drop me an email here and we can discuss the benefits for you and how we can get cracking.

Thanks guys.