7 Ways To Stop Technology Ruining Your Sex Life

This post is sponsored by PLSRx but all tips for keeping the spice alive are mine.

Let me set you a lil scene. You and your partner return from work, flustered, fucked off with Sue in Accounts (you) and feeling dejected after pressing delete on a 768 word report (them).

You both change into your comfiest trackies, hoody (or in this weather – thinnest t-shirt imaginable) and flomp down on the sofa to dive back into your current boxset.

Deliveroo arrives, episode 3 rolls to a finish and that’s about all you’ve got time for because you’re both up at 5:30 and need an early night.

Before you know it, it’s been 4 months since you bumped uglies but you’re both FULLY up to date on Luther and your Instagram feeds.

What happened? When did you let your technology use shoot up instead of you both getting down?

This is a very real and often worrisome scenario for many couples up and down the UK. In fact, PLSRx did a study which showed that, on average, couples are having sex 2.5 times a week whilst watching TV 5 times a week.

And there ain’t no shame in that! We all know just how addictive Love Island has been. And when you’re at work, standing around the water-cooler, it’s always the latest series of Stranger Things being discussed as opposed to what you and your love got up to the previous night.

But for some couples, they really are at a loss as to how to put the TV remote down so that their sexual activity rate can go up.

So in the interest of doing the sex-starved a favour, here are 7 fun things you can do to kick-start your love-making again:

plsrx toys

1. Bang In The Break

Alright, most of us stream shows nowadays, which means there are no breaks TECHNICALLY. In fact, PLSRx reports that 30% of couples admit to streaming their favourite TV shows every night of the week.

But if you ARE still into watching a bit of nightly Coronation Street, then wait until the adverts and get ‘corried’ away with a 3 minute fumble.

2. Mid-Film Foreplay

Why is it that during the dating phase, watching a film together was synonymous for heavy make-out sessions and even heavier petting parties? Yet as soon as you’re loved up, you’re both on opposite ends of the sofa, glued to your phones?

Screw that. Turn the lights off, cuddle up, put a scary movie on and have a snog during the quiet/boring bits of the film – who knows where it’ll lead!

3. Play A Game

Are you or other significant other gaming addicts? Perhaps you find yourself coming up for air during a 14 hour Fortnite binge just to eat, breathe, brush your teeth and possibly shower before going back in again?

Well why not incorporate another little game? Challenge each other to complete levels or score points and the winner will give or receive a sexual act.

You’ll be flossing over that amazing orgasm in no time!

4. Massage Marathons

If 66% of couple can manage to watch or stream TV between two and seven times a week then why not use one of these ‘bingeing’ sessions to give each other a massage?

Even if it’s a foot rub during Sherlock or head rub during GLOW (just don’t turn it into a headlock) then you’re getting some of that intimacy back.

You could even ramp it up a notch and give each other an erotic massage whilst watching an eroticish film. More Fifty Shades than JAWS though, OK?

5. Not All Technology Is Terrible

Right, TVs, mobiles, iPads and laptops aren’t exactly the most seductive of toys you can introduce into your love lives but there ARE some new and exciting toys to hit the market that WILL help you guys get sexy again.

PLSRx has designed a range which you can view here. And as 54% of us believe that pleasure toys can be integrated into times of intimacy – why not make that integration as seamless as a Netflix next episode transition.

6. The Edging Experiment

Absolutely desperate to watch the next Drag Race episode but are also equally desperate to get it on with your partner? Why not try a little edging experiment to make your viewing experience that bit more exciting.

Ask your partner to insert a toy, like a bullet, into you and leave it there until you’re ready to switch off the TV and switch on the romance.

7. The Teaser Trailer

You know how with 9/10 films you watch, you’ve guessed the ending with the last 40 minutes still to go? He always gets the girl. She always survives the serial killer attack. It’s a waste of time!

So why not use a toy to start playing with your partner as foreplay, just until the movie’s finished and you can finish what you started or as a way to while away the boring bits before the credits.

So here are 7 ways you and your hun can put some fun back into your intimate times, without necessarily compromising on your TV and technology past times. Are you struggling to make time for one another? How do you feel about involving toys in your sexy time?

plsrx toys

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  1. August 3, 2018 / 3:27 pm

    Quilty as charged 😀 It’s a bit harder for my boyfriend to get rid of the phone in the evenings though since business calls from the US usually happen in the evening our time… But that’s exactly why we should focus on taking time for each other when there is no need to be on the phone! Thanks for the tips, there were couple I hadn’t even thought about 😉

    Teresa | outlandishblog.com