Keeping The Love Alive On Valentine’s Day And Always [AD}

This post is sponsored by PLSRx who I’ve previously worked with before for giving you tips on how not to let technology ruin your sex lives

It’s that time of the year again. The soaps are featuring those racy storylines about affairs and trysts, the sales of Fifty Shades of Grey sky-rocket and chocolate is 6936x more expensive because it’s shaped like a love-heart.

Yep, good ol’ V-Day is upon us.


And it’s this time of year where our relationships come into question.
‘What are you guys doing for V Day?’ ‘Did you get him a present for Valentine’s?’ ‘Do you do anything romantic on the 14th?’

Suddenly, EVERYONE is interested in how you and your partner keep things spicy and you want to cringe harder than having to watch Sex Education with your parents (Pro Tip: Offer to make a round of tea at the start of every episode).

Some of us (hi) find it easy to talk about these kinds of things. We’re the sex positive ones who don’t find Samantha from Sex and The City ‘too much’ and wouldn’t ever blush when the topic of vibrators come up over brunch.

And, you know what, some of us aren’t like that. We like to keep things private and between whoever we’re between the sheets with. And that’s OK too.

But what all of this chat around Valentine’s does highlight, is that we often put a lot of focus on ours, and others’ relationships on February 14th but that it’s not something we do all year round. I have to say, I’m not down with that.

Sure, Valentine’s Day is a great coughcommercialcough way to celebrate love but love really should be celebrated all year round. SO, in true Vix style, I’m going to bring you a few tips to help you feel empowered to not only discuss your relationships all year round – but to nurture them too!

Make Every Night A Date Night

Alright, I’m not saying you need to hop it to Pizza Express as soon as you finish work (and Lord knows those vouchers only come around once in a while, amirite) but what I mean is, make sure that every evening you and your partner do something for both of you.

I know you might prefer to get home from work, stick your PJs on, have a bath and plant your nose in the latest true crime thriller you’re reading until lights off. And I’m not saying you need to come home, stick on an apron and heels and go all Stepford Wives on each other BUT even if you just make time for a hug, a 15 minute chat about work or cook dinner together – it’s a great way to connect


Honestly, telling partners that you most definitely DID orgasm when you most definitely DID NOT is sooo aged 17. In 2019 we are not sparing the egos of people and we’re not being tools about it either.

But in 2019 we’re celebrating communication. We’re telling each other what we like and don’t like.

We’re opening up about our desires. We’re feeling bolder in experimenting and leaving shame behind.

So show your partner your new Bullet from PLSRx, tell them your ideas and suggest you give it a whirl tonight.

Get Tips From Your Pals

I know we all have that one friend that blushes bright pink, squeals and covers their ears at the mention of orgasms but actually having a bunch of pals that you can discuss your love lives with is important.

Obvs you’re not going to spill ALL the inner workings of your relationships, because some things really are meant to be private BUT you can ask them what they do when things get a bit stale and need reviving.

Around Valentine’s this can seem to be an easy time to broach these kinds of things but actually if you and your pals get into a routine of sharing and being open, you’ll find it a lot easier (and less embarrassing) to discuss.

Knowing you’re not alone in your experiences, desires and feelings can really empower you to be more confident!

Gift Giving Is Not Just For Birthdays, Christmases, Anniversaries and the 14th Feb

Sometimes picking up your partner their favourite chocolate bar, magazine or candle on payday is enough to tell them, ‘I’m thinking of you, I love ya, you’re the best.’

Small acts of generosity could often lead to big acts of generosity in the bedroom. And that shouldn’t just be every couple of months!

Imagine popping a PLSRx Rabbit in a gift bag one Thursday. What a treat!

Compliments Should Be Consistent

I don’t know about you but I live on compliments. They are like oxygen to me.

An easy way to keep the love (actually ANY relationship) alive is to compliment your partner. And not just the cheesy, ‘you look well fit babe’ but the more thought out ones like, ‘I really appreciate how hard you work around the house,’ ‘your intelligence is inspiring’ or, ‘your bum looks great in that utility jumpsuit’.

So don’t just write something nice in a Valentines Card and call it a day – dole those bad boys out on the reg.

Practice Gratitude

It’s so easy to get caught up in our own lives – work, family, friends, reality TV, the gym – and we can often take our partners for granted.

Soon we realise it’s been 2 hours on the sofa without talking or touching just to get the last season of Game Of Thrones finished.

But take some time each day to think about your partner. To practice gratitude for what they bring to your life. And then to show them! With small acts of kindness like affection, listening or mind-blowing oral, you’ll keep your love on track all year round.

Learn To Self-Love

Yes, I obviously mean with these PLSRx goodies but I mean in other ways too.

Practicing self-care year round is vital to keeping love for yourself and others alive.

Around V Day we often plan out how we’re going to treat our significant others and show them the love but when do we ever really get the chance to sit down and plan out how we can show ourselves the love?

So make it part of your routine. Have sexy showers, light a candle and read something spicy, or stick on anything with Tom Hardy in it and unwind. You deserve it!

Valentine’s Day is a great reminder to celebrate love each year but we can all do our bit to ensure our own personal loves are celebrated waaaay more frequently.

I partnered with PLSRx on this blog post to show how you can keep the love alive all year round.

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