The Brand Communication Bible


Extensive examples of the communications scenarios bloggers regularly encounter.

☑ Includes examples of professional copy so you totally sound the biz when replying and sending emails on a range of topics, including;

  • Asking for more money
  • Setting your fees
  • Chasing payment
  • Negotiating revisions

Plus many more!

☑ PLUS it’s all written with my tongue placed firmly in my cheek!


Ever get an email from a brand you’re working with that leaves you COMPLETELY stuck with what to say?

Perhaps you need to email them and broach a potentially tricky subject like; asking for money, asking for MORE money or chasing up UNPAID money.

Maybe you’ll be compared to another blogger, told your rates are too high or asked to work for free and you just don’t know how to reply.


This e-book contains example emails that cover ALL TYPES of communication between you and a brand.

It gives you professionally worded responses so that you get the result you want, every single time.

PLUS it’s full of humour and light-hearted comments on what it’s like to work with brands.

Trust me, whatever response you’re stuck with – I’ll have it covered!


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