Micro Influencer’s Guide to Charging For Content


☑ Find out what you SHOULD be charging for content so that you can really make money from your amazing content.

☑ See REAL rates, that I’ve charged, for Tweets, Instagram and blog posts.

☑ PLUS A handy guide detailing EXACTLY what I’m charging for content now.

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Are you totally stuck when it comes to charging for content?

Maybe your inbox is filling with requests for collaborations, and maybe you’re like, “Ummm…. What do I say when they ask for my rates?”. I’ve got you!

As an influencer, it’s important to charge what you’re worth and with everyone being so secretive over money, it’s hard to gauge what that could be.

This guide blows the lid off of that secrecy and reveals what I made at different milestones in my career. Set your rates and send them to brands in confidence… because whoever said “it’s not polite to discuss money” probably didn’t have THIS guide and doesn’t want you to take a slice of their pie!

Now you’ve got the guide and you know what to charge, you might want to see how I got 1000% more collaborations and strike up some new partnerships yourselves!


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