She Did What? #2: Blogger Sarah Alexander on Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Disability Diversity and Relationship Rules

This week I was joined by Sarah Alexander, a lifestyle and disability blogger who writes about how she navigates relationships, life and sex with a disability.

With articles on Cosmo and programmes for the BBC, Sarah wants to raise awareness for all types of disability.

This was a very interesting discussion on the various models of disability and how we, as a society, make adjustments (or not) for those living with a range of disabilities.

She also shares stories on her Nan and the poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning which are inspiring and interesting.

In this episode, I try out a couple of new segments ‘ ‘women in the news’ (needs a catchier title) and ‘facts about women’ (again… catchy).

This should be available to download via iTunes and I’m going to try and get the podcast onto Stitcher for Android users.

Please also let me know if you need these podcasts audio-transcribed as I’m working on that.

Thanks so much for listening! I’m still figuring out the best sound/recording set ups as well as jingles/titles for segments so any advice/help/feedback is appreciated!

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(you can find Episode 1, here)

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1 Comment

  1. Sabrina
    July 27, 2018 / 1:39 am

    I’ve enjoyed bits of your podcast here and there, but the thing that is striking to me is the skin color of the woman in the artwork. Maybe change the whole graphic to a non skin color?? It all screams a bit white girl, and I know you are wanting to reach out far beyond that.