How to slay your work Christmas party

Tomorrow it’ll be time to pack up my bag with my make up, straighteners and party wear ready to stumble through a day at work in excited anticipation for the Xmas do. This year, like every year, we’ll go to a fancy restaurant, eat waaaay too much Christmas food and drink waaay too much Prosecco before convincing each other it’s a great idea to hit up the nearest Grand Union and dance until 3am.

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But this time of year is wraught with anxieties over what to wear and how to behave. So Vix is here to do you a favour and give you advice on both!

First of all remember that this is a WORK DO. WORK. Your colleagues do not appreciate taking 50 ugly face selfies with you and certainly do not want to play the game of ‘Buy me a shot if…’ like your mates do. Deborah from Accounts does not find your stories about the latest guy you’re bonking funny so just watch what you say! You also need to make sure that you don’t go on a huge bitch fest about that dick Barb who keeps getting promotions when she’s awful at her job and always taking sick days for her toddler. It is guaranteed someone will overhear your loose tongue and that walk of shame into work on Monday will not be pleasant.

Whilst you’re watching your tongue, you also need to watch your lips. DO NOT SNOG BRIAN IN IT. He’s probably married. Or not your usual type. So why would you go there? Everyone  knows that the BEST bit of Office Goss is who got off with who. If you manage to take home the fitty from the Marelybone branch as opposed to Brian, you’ll be considered an absolute ledge but just be prepared that everyone will know your business.

Now that’s how you handle yourself over with. Now the biggie – WTF you gon’ wear? Now obvs this all depends on the activity. If you’re doing something casj like mini-golf and beers, then smart casual is the way forward. However, if it’s dinner and drinks or one of those cringy casino nights where a drink costs £15 then you’re going to need to up your party wear game. You also need to think practically, can you really afford to splash out on a posh frock to only wear it once? Isn’t it better to get an investment piece or something classic that you can wear again? Also you need to think about durability. Do you really want to buy that £12 sequin swing dress from Primark when you’ll inevitably end up with 34 sequins in your vagina after a rigorous dancing sesh.

All that considered, I’ve teamed up with Coast to bring you my picks of the best party wear for this year. Check out the items below Coast’s Party Wear page here and then give me a shout and tell me what you’ll be wearing this year.

*this post was written in collaboration with Coast but all Christmas disaster avoidance techniques are my own!

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  1. erin
    December 8, 2016 / 8:19 am

    Lol this is so true. My work christmas party is next Thursday. Love how honest you are x

    Erin |

  2. Sinead
    December 9, 2016 / 9:04 pm

    Haha my work party is tomorrow so I appreciate the advice right now! I am wearing a jumpsuit quiet like that red one so thanks for the reassurance that it’s suitable! 🙂 xo