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Why I’m Celebrating This Valentine’s Day

HEY GUYS DID YOU KNOW I HAVE A BOYFRIEND? Yep, I’m one of those smug pricks that can’t stop talking about how happy I am in a relationship. But equally I do believe I am one of those un-pricky pricks …

How Much Time Is Too Little Or Too Long?

Five months it has been.

Five salaries.

Twenty Sunday Roasts.

A series of X Factor.

As long as 7 series of I’m …

Should You Let Your Past Define You?

Your past doesn’t define you. This is a lesson that has taken me 30 years to learn. I haven’t had the easiest of upbringings, childhood or relationships – both familial and romantic. I certainly haven’t had the hardest but y’know …

Do Men Love Women In The Same Way We Love Them?

My mother always used to say, ‘To a man you will be a: mother, lover, friend, ego-boost, sounding board, outlet and servant. But to you he will only ever be a partner.’

What she …

What Is The Ick And What Do You Do When You Have It?

The Ick. That insidious gut feeling that creeps in whilst dating someone that once festered means you cannot tolerate that person any more.

I’ve had The Ick on many occasions.

Once after a guy I had …

Why You Need To Love Being Single To Have A Good Relationship

I know this sounds crazy. How can loving being single mean you’re going to have a better relationship? WELL LET ME TELL YA.

Why You Should Love Yourself

This is just a complete life hack. Knowing …

What Love Island Teaches Us About Modern Dating

Love Island entered our lives a fortnight ago and isn’t going to be disappearing for the next couple of weeks. Due to the exposure to this generation of contestants, a lot of phrases and terminology have popped up that some …

10 Things That Will Give You A Wide On

In dating, you’re used to being on the receiving end of shitty behaviour. Anything from being stood up to waiting days for messages. So when the person you’re chatting to actually comes up with the goods, it results in the …

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