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16 Things Sex And The City Taught Us

It’s been 20 years since the first episode of Sex and The City aired, and whilst I didn’t become obsessed with it as an 11 year old, it has since become a pivotal guide for how I viewed …

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How To Spring Clean Your Relationships For Better Mental Health

The relationships we have with our friends, family, significant others and just about everybody we meet on the street or online can have extremely positive or detrimental effects on our mental health. We bang on about spring cleaning our homes …

Modern Dating Is Like A Full-Time Job: Here’s How To Get A Promotion

In Collaboration with Tally

The Sundays I once spent: hungover, bingeing 24, ordering the largest Dominos you’ve ever seen and endlessly scrolling through dating apps may be a thing of the past. However, the memory of the AMOUNT OF WORK …

Why I’m Celebrating This Valentine’s Day

HEY GUYS DID YOU KNOW I HAVE A BOYFRIEND? Yep, I’m one of those smug pricks that can’t stop talking about how happy I am in a relationship. But equally I do believe I am one of those un-pricky pricks …

Breaking Up Over A Drinks Trolley?

Living with a boy is nothing new to me.

I’m used to the arguments over untidiness and being woken up when they stroll in, completely battered at 3am, gearing for an argument.

I’m familiar with addictions …

16 Lessons FRIENDS Taught Us

Friends was my childhood. The TV Show, not actual friends. Man was I lonely. BUT ANYWAY. This show captured my love, attention and loyalty from my first viewing of Series …

How Much Time Is Too Little Or Too Long?

Five months it has been.

Five salaries.

Twenty Sunday Roasts.

A series of X Factor.

As long as 7 series of I’m …

11 Sex Positions for Millennials

I’m sure our millennial generation is having more sex than any generation before. Other than the Victorians. They were right dirty buggers!

With ‘Sex Positions of the Week’ …

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