The ‘£100 Spare ’til Payday Edit’ APRIL

£400 ASOS binge? Nah mate, got Council Tax to buy. £1500 trip to the Maldives? Are you joking, my data charges are ridiculous this month. New pair of Adidas? I wish, I’ve got £4.82 to last me a week! Sound familiar? Yeah, same.

I LOVE SHOPPING. I do. I love treating myself. But also, I am not rich. After London rent, bills, paying off debts (because of course a large chunk of my overdraft went on Topshop, Uber and Nandos) and actually trying to be an adult and save – the amount I actually get to spend on myself each month is minimal.

So welcome to the ‘£100 Spare ’til Payday Edit’ – a monthly segment where I bring to you a few bits and pieces that I’ve got my eye on and will be grabbing as soon as my latest water bill clears and I know how much I’ve got to play with.

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  1. Stradivarius ASOS Tie-Up Trousers – I am LIVING for this brand at the moment. I’ve featured 2 things of theirs in my newsletter and every time I spot something I love on ASOS, it’s likely to come from there. I’ve got my eyes on these because A) R U MAD THEY’RE WELL CHEAP and B) I envisage myself living through Spring in chic trousers, plain tops and gold jewellery so they obvs fit the bill.
  2. New Look Bag – Because we all want to jump aboard the wicker/straw vibe but everyone’s got a round one and we want to be different, don’t we? Plus I feel like the black trim makes it look way more chic and will go with lots more in my wardrobe (i.e allllllll of the winter blacks).
  3. ‘How To Survive The End of The World’ by Aaron Gillies – I’ve been lucky enough to meet the v talented but vvvv humble Aaron Gillies – who you may know from Twitter as ‘TechnicallyRon’ of oft-viral-belly-laugh-tweet fame – IRL during drinks with his beaut wife Lex. So of course I had to pre-order his new book. It’s an ‘anxiety survival handbook’ which promises tips and advice on the different stages of anxiety which will not only be helpful, but as it’s written by Aaron, bloody hilarious.
  4. Tropic Skincare Cleansers and Bamboo Cloth – I actually have a full post coming up on my new Tropic Skincare regime because I was gifted the cleanser, cloth, toner and moisturiser and it’s transformed me from someone who could barely be arsed to pick mascara off to someone who now spends a solid 4 minutes a day on their skin. And lads, that’s pretty big. So big in fact that I’ve run out of the cleanser and (if funds allow before payday) will need to pick up a new one.
  5. H&M Plate – Mate, I know I should probably spend the last £9 I’ve got rattling round my purse before payday on important things like dinner or Diet Coke BUT LOOK AT IT. My total interiors vibe at the moment is monochrome/dotty/dalmation print and I just think these would be perfect for my dining table/taking mildly cute Instagram pictures with.
  6. H&M Towel – Again with the print. I just can’t help myself. But also – this is quite a practical purchase seeing as I’ve had the same towel bundle from a Tesco offer for about 22 months now and they’re getting pretty rank tbh.

Let me know if you pick up any of these bits – or what you’ve got your eye on before payday.

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  1. April 19, 2018 / 1:41 am

    I’m going to have to get my hand on that Aaron Gillies book now that I know about it! Sounds right up my alley and like, everyone else’s I know too

  2. April 19, 2018 / 7:20 pm

    I feel your pain! I live in Notting Hill.. and while I completely love where I live… it does swallow up most of my income and seeing all these blogger spending £400 on ASOS or TopShop or whatever just really isn’t realistic for me! This post is so realistic, and it’s nice to know I’m not alone! The book sounds fascinating!

    Katie |