The Blog Race

I see you sidle into this post with a look of intrigue and hopefully excitement on your faces. What is ‘THE BLOG RACE’? I hear your minds whirr. Well listen up, because YOU could be crowned the FIRST, ‘Blog Race Champion’.

Founded by Laila and I, The Blog Race aims to be a bit of fun to get the UK blogging community back to what it’s all about – support, positivity, growth and championing one another. We can all agree that the community is a bit of a mess lately so we just wanted to fill that Love Island shaped hole in your lives and bring you something fun.
So we bring you THE BLOG RACE.

What Is It?

  • Each Monday, the chosen finalists will be give a blog related challenge such as; a themed blog post or content creation on an important issue.
  • The challenges will be across a range of social media and blog platforms.
  • The finalists must submit their created content by the Friday morning of that week for us all to look at and enjoy.
  • You the readers must then tweet your favourites using their hashtags to show us who you are supporting and who you wish to advance to the next round.
  • We will then run twitter polls for you to vote for your favourite for that week.
  • The two with the least votes will then ‘Tweet for their lives’ during a Sunday night Twitter chat. Laila, guest judges and I will then decide who will be eliminated that week.


We are huge blogging fans and love discovering new bloggers to become obsessed with and we think you are too!
We feel like we want to highlight bloggers that are sometimes overlooked or that you may not have discovered yet but who have banging content and fresh ideas. Well how do you make the change you want to see? By championing bloggers of all types we hope to bring you guys 15 bloggers that you can get behind and shout about. That’s it!

How You Can Be Involved

Starting today, you can submit your own blog for consideration to be shortlisted. The requirements are as follows:
– UK only.
– MUST submit your own blog.
– MUST have 15k followers or less on any single platform.
– MUST be able to complete all challenges which will include things like blog posts, social media entries and promotion by the deadlines set and the weekly ‘Tweet for Your Life’ challenge on a Sunday at 7pm or risk facing elimination.
– MUST not get butt hurt if you are eliminated. It’s just a bit of fun.
If this sounds like something you want to get involved in, fill out the form at the bottom with your social media handles and blog address for consideration.

What happens next?

We will look at all blogs submitted and create a shortlist of 15 finalists. We will be looking at including finalists from a range of genres, with unique voices and content that stands out.
We will then contact the finalists on Saturday 9th September and you must confirm your willingness to enter by Sunday 10th.
On Monday 11th we will email all finalists with the blog challenge outline for that week.

What do you get?

By taking part we hope that your blogging profile will be recognised across the community and more people will be seeing the amazing content that you produce.
Alongside this, we will be hosting a LIVE FINAL EXTRAVAGANZA in London on Saturday 9th December to crown the winner of The Blog Race.
Prizes will include certificates, goody bags and the intrinsic feeling of HAVING HAD A BLOODY GREAT TIME.

And finally…

To go alongside The Blog Race we will be starting a weekly podcast in which we will look over the competitors and the challenge for that week.
We will also cover general blog related topics from that week as well as answering blogging questions, sharing tips and interviewing other bloggers.
The eliminated contestants will put in an appearance to discuss their Blog Race experience.
We hope this will be a fun companion as well as your new favourite podcast for all things ‘Bloggersphere.’
We can’t wait for this all to kick off so make sure you submit your blog and encourage your faves to do the same!