London Date Locations: Three To Try

As a single gal, Sunday was one of my favourite days of the week to date. It distracted me from Sunday night dread and the pressure to 'make it a big one' just wasn't there like it was on a Friday or Saturday night. So this Sunday, I'm bringing you some of the best London date locations to try.

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(PRO TIP: Use today to scour the apps - especially Tally - and get your dates lined up for this week. Sunday is a dating app goldmine with users lounging on their sofas, probably hungover, just scouring for potential matches. Strike whilst the iron is hot!)

London Date Locations #1: Balans Soho Society

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With branches all over London (and a gifted gift card from the lovely PR people), I couldn't resist trying the Soho location of Balans Soho Society out on a date.

Yes my date this time was the lovely Laura BUT whilst we dined on burgers, steak, MASSIVE chips and an endless supply of Diet Coke, we both noticed how many people were enjoying a date date there.

Balans swears to uphold the meaning of 'conviviality' - or lively and friendly - and this restaurant and bar CERTAINLY does that.

The benefits of this London date location are not only their central locations but also the totally relaxed vibe. At the one in Soho, daters had booths to themselves which meant Laura and I were virtually the only nosey on-lookers.

My dating pet peeve is going somewhere too loud to hear the other person talk - not at Balans. Music played quietly in the background (enough to fill any awkward silences) so everyone could indulge in conversation.

Another benefit of Balans as a top London date location was the incredibly reasonable and delicious menu. Whilst most dating bloggers or experts will tell you NOT to dine on a first date - I have come around to the opposite way of thinking. What better way to work out if you match than discussing your delicious cheeseburger, trying each other's chips and seeing how they treat the waiter?

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London Date Locations #2: Bounce, Farringdon

If dining out really isn't 'you' on a date and you prefer something competitive that is an IDEAL ice-breaker, why not try Bounce in Farringdon?

Whilst Bounce has been a staple of the London scene for a while, those of us who prefer to stick to our tried and trusted date locations of cafes or bars might not dare try something different.

Especially if we're crap at ping pong.

However, Bounce has the perfect mix of drinks and food with an added activity in there.

The best thing about taking a match to a place where there's something to actually DO is that if the conversation dries up, you're nervous or the other person is actually really dull - then at least you can sling a couple of bouncy balls at each other before inviting him to sling his bouncy balls at you.

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London Date Locations #3:  Vegan Nights

Brick Lane's now famous pop-up Vegan market was back again this past week and whilst this isn't a regular fixture on the London Date Location scene, it's definitely worth bookmarking their Facebook page for the future.

Potential match's eating habits can be a stickler for some but with more and more people trying out veganism or being curious about its benefits - then Vegan food could be a great talking point.

You don't have to be Vegan to go and its trendy location (surrounded by other cool bars and clubs) will mean that your date can continue on well into the night.

Furthermore, it's usually free to enter and then you can decide whether to spend your money on all of the street food delights such as; curry, cupcakes and arancini OR whether to pound the vegan cocktails.

So there we go...

Three locations you may not have tried yet, three different date ideas - now all you need is three different dates to take!

Get on Tally ASAP to get your dates lined up for the next week! Then pop over to my Twitter to tell me all about your upcoming dates or give me more date location ideas!

(Massive thanks to Balans for the gift card to spend in the restaurant. Already planning my next trip to the Clapham one!)

Oh and if you want three MORE recommendations for London dining dates, then read my blog post here.

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