How To Eat Vegan In Las Vegas

When you think of American cuisine, I’m sure meaty burgers oozing with cheese, Philly steaks and deep-dish pizzas spring to mind. And if you’re vegan, or even partly vegan, a trip to the US could leave you wondering how you’re able to eat plant-based… ESPECIALLY in Las Vegas.

After a recent trip, where I worried about finding decent options and a range of choices, I actually managed to find some delicious restaurant items and SHOCK HORROR even a separate vegan menu!

The places I’m suggesting are all Strip based – there are lots of vegan options off-strip but finding the gems within the main hotels (where you’d be spending most of your time) can be a bit trickier.

So if you’re looking at booking or are already counting down the days til you fly to Sin City, here are some places to eat you DEFINITELY need on your list…

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 Vegan Las Vegas: Best Vegan Menu

Yardhouse – The Linq Hotel

The Yardhouse bar and restaurant is situated outside the Linq hotel (formerly Imperial Palace) and can be found if you stroll down the pedestrianised zone towards the High Roller attraction.

The beauty of the Yardhouse is that is has an extensive, ‘regular’ menu but also a separate, ‘Gardein’ menu. Gardein is a ‘meatless meat’ brand which means that lots of the menu items can be made vegetarian or vegan.

The buffalo wings are DELISH as well as the vegan burger – which is a big statement as often vegan burgers can just fall apart and be a bit crap.

Other vegetarian menu items can have the cheese or mayo subbed out to be made vegan too!

Vegan Las Vegas: Best Convenience Food

The Cheesecake Factory – Caesars Palace Forum Shops

This place is an easy vegan lunch or brunch place because you can stop here during your shopping trip and the sheer SIZE of the menu means there’s lots to choose from and lots of non-vegan options that can be made vegan.

The quesadillas are packed with veg and can be made without the cheese – as can the pasta options. The Korean Fried Cauliflower portions are HUGE (just check for allergens as some branches use egg) and the nachos come fully loaded.

There are no vegan cheesecakes (from date of writing) but with newer additions to the menu all the time – THERE’S HOPE.

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Vegan Las Vegas: Best For A Sweet Tooth

Sprinkles – LINQ Promenade

Also situated down the Linq promenade is a Sprinkles – specialists in cupcakes, cookies and ice-cream.

Their flavours change daily but I picked up a vegan red velvet and also saw a vegan biscoff flavour.

Their cookies and ice-cream (whilst offering gluten free options) aren’t currently vegan but with the success of the cupcake (I was told they regularly sell out) then it again can only be time.

Vegan Las Vegas: Best For A Boozy Brunch

Border Grill – Mandalay Bay

Go onto most of the casino restaurant website pages and try to look up vegan brunch items I DARES YA. You’re going to come up empty.

However, stroll into the Border Grill at the Mandalay Bay for a weekend brunch, tell the server you are vegan and the chef will make most of the options on the brunch menu vegan by subbing out the cheese and eggs and replacing them with fresh sauces and extra veggies – all with that added mexican flavour.

You will get that inclusive experience for $39 and for an extra $15 you can get bottomless booze – which is obvs the most important reason for brunch.

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Vegan Las Vegas: Best For SHEER PORTIONS

Don’t knock a buffet is what I’m saying.

Most of the main hotels along the strip have their own buffets. You pay a set fee ($12-$25) and you can load up your plate to your hearts content.

There MAY be lots of meat and eggs and these things BUT each of the buffets I’ve been to (MGM, Bellagio, Caesars and Excalibur) have had plenty of vegetables, fruits and carbs to stuff yourself with.

Vegan Las Vegas: Other Honourable Mentions

The salads and sides at the Grand Lux Cafe in the Venetian are HUGE and delicious. Plus this is just one of my favourite places to eat and really feels like Vegas.

Hash House A Go Go is famous for its ‘twisted farm food’ specialities and southern flair. Whilst most dishes involve eggs and southern fried meat, the veggie options like the mushroom and vegetable hash, mushroom sandwich and mushroom burger can all be made vegan. I just really like mushrooms OK.

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So there we have my favourite and easy places to find decent vegan options in Las Vegas!

Keep checking back to the blog as I have a ton of Vegas content to go up – posts on how to win and other bits and bobs are coming up.

Where are your favourite places to grab vegan food in Las Vegas? I’d love some ideas for my next trip!

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  1. May 25, 2018 / 5:42 pm

    I’m going to the US in a few months (albeit not Vegas!) and I did worry a bit about where and what to eat (I’m vegetarian and lactose-intolerant). This gives me a bit of hope! 😀 Otherwise I would’ve prepared to just live off chips for a while – fine by me! x