What The Tampon Tax SHOULD Be Spent On

tampon tax

As The Guardian reports, our Government are insistent on wanking away our tax money on things we (the majority of sensible, feeling, UK adults) absolutely abhor. Like Boris’s hair cuts, Brexit and hand-sanitiser for every-time May has to shake hands with Trump.

So why change the habit of a lifetime? Why not continue with plans to spend the 5% levy on sanitary products on an organisation that we (the majority of sensible, feeling UK adults) abhor. Life. The Anti-Abortion ‘charity’.

The Government unveiled plans to award a quarter of a million pounds to Life. And how do they plan to spend it?

“opposing the expansion of sex education, controversial pro-pregnancy counselling and propaganda”

Whilst the Government have kindly assured us that Life will be ‘prohibited’ from using the funds on publicity, the message of awarding this organisation leaves a vomitty taste in the mouths of the majority of sensible, feeling, UK adults.

So let’s discuss all of the things the tampon tax would better be spent on.

tampon tax

Sanitary Products for the Disadvantaged

Whilst Life state that the governmental fund will go to operating a service for homeless, pregnant women in a crisis, it is still an organisation that doesn’t support a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body.

Another thing that dictates what women can do with their bodies is often their financial situation.

Tens of millions of girls miss school when they have their period because they and their families cannot afford basic sanitary care.

Heck, even when I get to the end of the month, I have to stretch out a pack of towels longer than my vagina would like, if I’ve spent my last few quid on Ubers and an array of food dipped in gravy and I, fortunately, do not face the financial struggles that some of our most vulnerable families do.

But do we stop to think about what this situation would be like if we were homeless?

Women living on the street have to dig and search for any absorbent material to stop blood leakage if they can’t hoard toilet tissue from public rest rooms. This is exacerbated by not having easy access to safe shower spaces to get clean, adding to their shame and humiliation.

Surely, our money could be donated to organisations that are addressing the Period Imbalance by providing sanitary care to the most vulnerable, such as #TheHomelessPeriod or the wide range of homelessness charities out there.

Sex Education

I find it utterly perplexing that an organisation like Life, who wish to coach women AWAY from abortions also need funding to pioneer a campaign AGAINST sex education.

Surely, educating children to enter safe relationships will go a small way in preventing a need for some abortions. But Pro-Lifers have never been the cleverest bunch.

So why not fund organisations that are promoting safe, sexual relationships to children as young as the Primary age?

As a teacher myself, RSE (relationships and sex education) is a vital part of the curriculum that already is not given enough space.

The Government announced plans to introduce a curriculum that

“ensures pupils are taught the knowledge and life skills they will need to stay safe and develop healthy and supportive relationships”

but we also know that school budgets run tight and this teaching will often be left to teachers that have no had relevant and up to date training.

Why not fund groups like 2020 Dreams who provide schools with workshops on topics like: ‘STD Facts and Awareness’, ‘Teenage Pregnancy Education’, ‘Sex and Peer Pressure’ and ‘Sexual Bullying’.

These workshops are led by specialists who have the most current training. And aren’t teachers like ones I know, who giggle at the word ‘penis’ and shy away from the tough questions on masturbation and blow-jobs.

tampon tax

Pro-Choice Charities

The 1967 Abortion Act saved the lives of many women who previously felt that they had no choice but to seek terminations in unsafe ways. 50 years later and there are still areas of the UK and other countries across the world who do no give women the option of a safe choice. Only a dangerous one.

1 in 3 women will have an abortion at some time in their life yet it is still stigmatised and treated as a negative occurrence.

The organisation, Abortion Rights, aims to educate and raise awareness of the importance of choice. But they cannot do this without funding.

Furthermore, they are fighting for funding to be provided to women in Ireland so that they may travel to England safely to have terminations.

They work closely with other sexual health groups to build a wide network of support for women in need – why can’t they receive the funding otherwise afforded to Life?

Sending A Poo To The DUP

Another way that the Tampon Tax could be used is as written above. Send A Shit to the Shitheads themselves.

More useful than supporting the organisation, ‘Life’ perhaps?

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  • Cate says:

    In full agreement with you, as per.

  • Natalie says:

    I didn’t know that the 5% was going to that organisation (I deliberately avoid reading the news, because it just angers and upsets me.) Fuck this is frustrating, what a step backwards. This is so spot on, couldn’t agree more with what it SHOULD be spent on.
    Tbh, as a sensible, feeling adult, I’d like to nominate my own dogs shit to be sent, because it packs quite a punch.

  • Laura says:

    I would also suggest charities that help women that suffered FGM like the Dahlia Project https://localgiving.org/appeal/dahliasupportsfgmsurvivors/.
    Also can I say I had no idea you could (literally) send shit to someone!? I knew about the glitter bombs but this is next level, lol!


  • Bekki says:

    Yes yes yes @ this post! Especially your point about sanitary products given to the disadvantaged. I recently read an article about the homeless not having access to these necessities, and the realisation has been stuck in my head ever since. I can’t imagine how horrific it’d be in such a situation and therefore regularly go out of my way to buy tampons for the homeless. I think people need to be made aware, and help where they can!

    But I digress – I love this post, and am so glad you’re making people talk about such an important situation.

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